Free Tees and 1 Doz Zero Friction ZF Golf Balls

Manufacturer: Zero Friction
44.90 (NZD)

1 dozen brand new Zero Friction ZF Golf Balls with 12 free tees 

The Zero Friction 'Distance 312' golf ball's story begins with its construction. The shallow 312 dimple pattern affects the amount of resistance the takes in the air and around the green. 

The ball's 2-piece construction solidifies it as a true distance ball, but does not sacrifice soft feel. 

As an added bonus, each sleeve of Zero Friction 'Distance 312' golf balls will include 3 Zero Friction Performance Tees in sizes of 1 3/4", 2 3/4", and 3 1/4". In total, each dozen pack will be complimented by a dozen tees.