One Dozen Srixon Distance Golf Balls

Manufacturer: Srixon
44.90 (NZD)

One Dozen Srixon Distance Golf Balls 

The large, highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth core and 420 dimples deliver high launch and true, penetrating ball flight for outstanding drivers. Light and responsive feel for harder drivers, more distances, and ultimate game improvement. 

The proprietary Energetic Gradient Growth core is firm on the outer layer and progressively becomes softer towards the center. This core structure creates explosive ball speed off the tee with reduced spin for maximum distances, while at the same time providing you with unmatched feel on approach shots. 


Higher initial velocity and penetrating ball flight for greater distance 
Responsive, light feel 
Excellent durability 
Highly resilient ionomer cover 
Highly resilient large Energetic Gradient Growth core 
420 Dimple Design